World Water Day -22 march 2014

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World Water Day -22 march 2014

Since 1992, the decision of the United Nations Assembly recognized March 22 as the day of water resources. Each year, World Water Day addresses a specific theme and for 2014 was “Water and Energy”. Within this day Youth Center “Borderless” organized several awareness-raising activities recorded as part of the agenda of the UN World Water in 2014.

During the morning the activity was focused at the artificial lake in Tirana, the volunteers conducted an awareness campaign to inform the public with facts on water organized in a playful manner. People were required to choose a number from 1 to 30 and the number they chose was read by volunteers a curiosity about the importance of water. Many people stopped driven by curiosity to become part of the game. This was a good way to give our message to them. Meanwhile another part of the volunteers, invited people of all ages to make a photo with printed point of water 1.70m X 1.30m in size picture. Photos are distributed by social networks named “Ambassadors of Water 2014”.

Youth Center “Borderless” in partnership with several organizations such as ETMI, IAESTE, RIAS, Tirana Express, EDEN, the “natural resources in the municipality Gjinar”, ADP, PVN, Unique Junior Enterprise, ECFEUT, Cultural Association “Woman”, Green line and “To clean Albania in one day” organized an event titled “Déjà Vu, The Untold  importance of water” at 17:30 in Tirana Express. Supporters at the event were the University Student Residence no. 1, Tirana ekspress, Eden Center and Tirana art center.

During the event were discussed  different topics such as: “The Untold importance of water and energy”, “The Untold importance of water and the economy”, “The Untold importance of water and health”, “The Untold importance of the water and art” , “The Untold importance of the water and the picture”, “The Untold importance of water and science”. The guests on the panel were the MSC. Meivis STUGA, Energy Expert; Phd. Crystal Hykaj, Faculty of Economics, Tirana; Ms. Esfahan Bombaj, dietician; Mr. memory Cashku, Marubi Academy Rector; Mr. Elvin Shytaj, Photographer and MSc. Frida Bahja-water expert.

During the event ,a significant number of participants, mostly young people who were active in the discussion to highlight, issued a joint concern of the importance of water issues. In the premises of the event, along the area were placed form of water points and provocative messages water awareness. Also,was carried a photo exhibition on water from EDEN organizations. Moreover, on the event was put a banner where all the participants put their messages awareness about water, that were used as greeting cards from Youth Center “Borderless” in the World Environment Day on 5 th June 2014. In this event, no one missed the opportunity to have a picture with point of water as the “Ambassador of Water 2014”.