Our mission is to develop initiatives that aim to strengthen the role of young people in the society and thus support the sustainable development of the community. The fields of our action are:

Environment. Promoting sustainable development, by protecting the environment, preserving natural resources, biodiversity, and the values of the ecosystem. Society. Supporting groups, community organizations, and other organized forms of civil society that represent the youth and serve to the purpose of sustainable development. Fostering active participation of young people in social, cultural, educational and sports issues.

Social inclusion. Stimulating young people of the marginalized areas and integrating them in the process of social and economic development. Assisting gender equality by actively involving women in decision making and society. Expertise. Offering technical assistance and professional expertise in different fields of sustainable development; designing studies, technological and development projects, sectorial and integrated progress strategies, implement and evaluate different projects related to sustainable development.

Youth Education. Offering opportunities for formal and informal education by conducting training, programs, workshops, professional practice, youth exchange, conferences, competitions and youth camps in national and international level.

Youth Employment. Facilitating youth employment. Favoring young volunteer initiatives in community. Up-holding green innovative youth entrepreneurship in order to improve the prosperity of the community. Encouraging eco-tourism and alternative tourism. Decision making. Building capacities of young people, for a constructive lobbing and influencing decision makers in order to improve the services and policies for the better interest of the community. Supporting young people in the integration process towards the European Union.