World Water Day 2015

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Since 1992, the United Nations Assembly recognized March 22 as the day of water resources. Each year, World Water Day addresses a specific theme and for 2015 was “Water and Sustainable Development”. Youth Center Borderless organized several awareness activities listed in the activities of UN Water for 2015.

The main purpose of the activities was to increase community awareness, especially among young people to reflect on our actions on the environment, mainly to water resources.

During the morning hours in the artificial lake in Tirana, the volunteers of the center conducted an awareness campaign to inform the public with facts on water organized in a playful manner. People were required to choose a number from 1 to 30 and the number they chose was read by volunteers a curiosity about the importance of water. Many people  stopped, driven by curiosity to become part of the game. This was a good way to send our message to them. Meanwhile another part of  volunteers, invited people of all ages to make photo printing point of water 1.70m X 1.50m in size. Photos are distributed by social networks as “water ambassadors 2015”.

At Youth Centre, in Tirana, at 17: 00-19: 00, ran the activity “Déjà Vu – The Untold the importance of water”. Format of the  activity was déjà vu, where through a photographic tour guests on the panel in an interactive way with young people shared facts and challenges ahead for water resources at the global level, but also in Albania. The panelists were Mr. Leart Kola, Director of Youth in the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth, Mr Mihallaq Qirjo, Director of Regional Environmental Center (REC), Mr. Julian Deda, Artist, Mrs. Emirjeta Adham, Ph.D program manager for freshwater WWF / INCA and Ms. Frida Allgjata, Specialist in National Environment Agency.

. For each participant were determined in the form of water points different provocative messages awareness of the importance of water. Furthermore there were posted  3 banners where participants wrote their messages to be used as postcards Youth Center “Without Borders” World Environment Day on 5 th June 2015. In the event, no one fumbled to have a picture with point of water as the “Ambassador of Water 2015”.

Activity “Déjà Vu – The Untold the importance of water” was supported by the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth as well as the  photographic exhibition center EDEN.

Under the motto “A day to celebrate, a day to change, one day to prepare”  Youth Center” Borderless “invited other young people to contribute to  the environmental problems.