Smoking kills-show it !!

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Smoking kills-show it !!

Statistics on smoking in Albania are alarming.The number of tobacco consumers are rising, young people are joining more and more every day.

Now we’ve heard it all before. Smoking kills. Smoking is bad. Quit smoking now. And maybe for some, this has had enough impact to help them quit. However we can plainly see that the vast majority of smokers have not quit. What we need now is an even greater incentive for those who can not take those needed steps to quit on their own.

In the context of anti-smoking day Youth Center “Borderless”,did put awareness with the photographic exhibition  Smoking kills Show!”

Photo submitted by different authors from 15 to 29 May 2014 which sent a video message and awareness messages during all the activity. Different creative ideas,many youngsters participated to give a hand in raising the awareness about the way smoking can affect our lives, our health. This activity showed up even in the web of Albanian Ministry of Health .We are extremely proud to help our country in this battle ,to encourage people to leave this bad habit because it will shorten their own life.The event took place at bar “E Jona”