One day at Karavasta’s lagoon

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The beginning of spring brings innovation, joy and a beautiful atmosphere. Under this atmosphere of human approach to nature, Youth Center “Borderless” did a kind activity called “Embrace the spring”. The initiative aimed to give a strong message sensitizing through symbolic collection efforts for providing food for birds at Karavasta’s lagoon.

Preparations for this initiative began since March 1, 2015, where our volunteers started working for the realization of the summer jars of paintings to be reused as vases, wreaths of olive and olive oil soap100% organic. These products were offered for sale on 14 March, the Summer Day in environmental fair “Eco LIVE celebrates EKO” develop Square “Mother Teresa”.The second part of the activity,happened at Bar E Jona,social business.

In total from both activities was raised a symbolic income that went to purchase grain for birds at  Karavasta’s lagoon. On 25 March 2015, with the support of the administrators of the park and in particular the Director, Mr. Ardian Koci, 4 young representatives of our center  distributied the food  in appropriate places.

Spring comes even beautiful when young people undertake initiatives that protect biodiversity and the environment! Happy spring to all 🙂