Be Young in Europe seminar 22-23 January 2015

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During 22 and 23 January 2015, the EU Info Centre hosted a two-day workshop entitled “Be Young in Europe”. The workshop was organised by the Italian “Fyouture” Social Promotion Association in partnership with the Youth Centre “Borderless” in Albania. The focus of the workshop was European citizenship and employment opportunities.

70 representatives of Albanian youth organisations participated in this meeting, which addressed several issues faced nowadays by EU Member States and candidate countries such as:

-moving and residing freely within the EU;
-voting for and standing as a candidate for the European Parliament and in municipal elections;
-being protected by the diplomatic and consular authorities of another EU country;
-petitioning the European Parliament and complaining to the European Ombudsman;
-the right to contact and receive a response from any EU institution in one of the EU’s official languages;
-the right to access the European Parliament and the European Commission;
-the right of equal access to the EU Civil Service.

The workshop was opened by the Italian Ambassador to Albania, Mr Massimo Gaiani. Ms Anuela Ristani, Head of the Albanian National Youth Service, and Mr Genci Kojdheli, Director of the Albanian National Employment Services from the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth, also attended the meeting and Mr. Bekim Shehu, Director of National Youth Congress. During their speeches they gave a general presentation about the youth polices and youth employment efforts in the country.

The workshop served as a great opportunity to share similar initiatives and actions among youth organisations in Albania and those of another Eu Member State (Italy)