Invitation- Let celebrate SUMMER DAY

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Every year on March 14 the people of Albania celebrate the summer day, which was ratified by the Albanian Parliament in 2004 as an official and national holiday, this day of pagan celebration symbolizes the rebirth of nature, the awakening from a long dark winter and a general rejuvenation of one’s spirit.

Thus the March 14, 2015, 17:00 at ” E Jona” bar,we invite you to celebrate the arrival of spring together with Youth Center BORDERLESS!

We have organized for you a celebration with music and full of surprises. For more prepare yourself to be challenged in games like chess, do not excite, dominoes, etc ..

During the party will be held a fair to raise revenue for the animals that are in danger of extinction in the protected area of the lagoon of Karavasta. Symbolically, we want to give a message to the protection of biodiversity of our country.

What exactly have prepared for you?
Olive crown,
The newly planted flower 🙂

But in this activity will find much more than that .. You will find volunteers BORDERLESS positivity and warmth of the holiday indeed. You are welcome!