‘Healthy environment starts from my house’

Duration: 23/04/2015 – 30/09/2015

Project Description

The project aims to address solutions to the issue of waste management in the area of ​​Marqinet, part of Vora municipality. From visits and contacts with the residents we have identified the phenomenon of mismanagement of waste. A portion of the waste disposed of in containers designated by the municipality which are only 2 pieces. A portion of the waste brought to the containers and put aside but not within them, thus serving as vectors for various diseases. The rest of the inhabitants proceed with the incineration of waste, as the distance from their homes is remote. Based on this serious situation and not informing the population about the dangers posed by pollution that cause serious health problems, they transmit this mentality even among young people. This phenomenon is being helped by the limited number of waste containers, which are present only at the entrance to Marqinet. Furthermore, residents complain that the removal of waste from the containers is not properly carried out by the responsible institutions. However wrong mindset leads to solutions not less dangerous to residents for having serious environmental pollution problems.

Project goal:

Based on the issues identified, the project aims to promote reflection among young people about their environmental behavior and serious situation created in the area of ​​waste management in Marqinet. The beginning of changing the mentality comes to strengthening the role of youth in the community ranging from their families.

Project objectives:

* To sensitize the youth on waste minimization at the source as an efficient and direct way to the environmental impact;

* Reduce waste in the premises of the joint space and reduce pollution at the same time;

* Throwing the first steps towards a correct management of waste, and creating opportunities for the introduction of Marqinet in waste management scheme

enabling urban Vora municipality and the company which has been delegated the right of realization of this service;

* Creating a new mindset about the importance of environmental protection among young people of the area.

* Creating an Eco Club that will continue further work with animation.

* Encourage youth response by discussing environmental issues such as injuries that cause various wastes into the environment.

Ongoing value:

Eco Youth Club will be an initiative organized by the youth of  Marqinet and themselves will continue with support from Youth Center Borderless and Tamam Albania.This project will be a starting model for other similar areas around . It’s ultimate goal is to establish a network of youngsters, being active to the environment in these areas.

The seminar “Establishing ECO Marqinet Youth Club “

In the framework of the project “A healthy environment starts from my home”, financed by the program SENIOR-A, Youth Center Borderless conducted a seminar “Raising Youth Eco-Clubs in Marqinet” on 6-7 June 2015.

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Coming soon .. “Roundtable, Marqinet”

* Roundtable on waste management in Marqinet with community representatives  from Eco Youth Club, the municipality of Vora and environment experts .For more click:



Coming soon .. “Recycling awareness activities with youth of Marqinet”
Recycling awareness activities with youngsters that live in Marqinet.For more click: