Now We Move 2013

Now We Move 2013


NowWeMove is a weekly promotion campaign held annually throughout Europe to promote the positive impact of sport and physical activities in European societies. The main organizer is the International Association of Sports and Culture (ISCA) along with many other prestigious institutions.
For 2013, the week of the motion was held on 7-13 October 2013. In the context of this week’s Youth Center “Borderless” organized on October 7,8,9,11 2013 a series of activities.

“Let’s rock! Let’s zumba!
The first event in a week of motion was on 7 October 2013, 14:30, at the Palace of Sports “Aslan Russia:” Let’s Rock! Let’s Zumba! Zumba was chosen precisely to make the opening as good a combination between physical activity, dancing and creating positive energy. This new type of activity included different groups who enjoyed this experience together, leaving aside all barriers between them as well as any sign of discrimination between different groups. For this activity Youth Center “Borderless” had the logistical support of our partners” Disable Active People Albania “.

Basketball match
Sports week went further on October 8 2013, 14:30 Sports Palace “Aslan Russia” with a more interesting activitie: basketball friendly match. It was organized a basketball match of two mixed teams with boys and girls. All participants were fully engaged in this match as beautiful as ambitious.

Running at the Lake

The next event was held on 8 October 2013, 15:30, to the artificial lake of Tirana. This activity hand a very nice message after performing physical activities in nature . Also termed activity: Jogging by the lake with friends, had intended to make a communication link between physical activity body, communicating with nature, as well as increased direct communication with friends. During running, they shared conversations, ideas, different thoughts to become a more enjoyable activity. Running from the lake had very good results.

Sports day with the children of SOS Village in Tirana
The activity “Sports Day with children of SOS Village in Tirana” organized in the framework of mobility week was on 11 October 2013, 13:00 to 15:00 hrs. For the realization of this activity Youth Center “Borderless” had a great support from the staff of SOS FF (Enkela Gallo – DSP, Whistle Hereni – P, Amarilda Vika – SOS aunt, Fiqirete Bito – SOS aunt).
This activity aimed at raising awareness of children on the importance of sport in human health through fun games and sports entertainment. Games were organized by 15 young volunteers of Youth Center “Borderless” and included the 70 children of the village SOS mothers and aunts accompanied by family. Children were divided into groups according to their age groups from 4 to 14 years old. It made it easier to organize the plan as follows:
– Dance and music
– Sports games
– Entertainment with different games (ball games, game chairs, playing with the balloon, playing with ropes, etc.)
– Distribution of some small gifts for the children gathered.
– Pictures for sport
This event was like the cherry on the cake as we managed through physical activity would give and receive to and would give much laughter and love the children of SOS Village.